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Just played this on stream. Loved it, and hope that some day we'll see a full version.

Very impressed with the controls!  Even on keyboard they didn't feel too bad.  I love the idea of the yuridex, too!

I may have to swallow my pride and play on questioning, as it's pretty challenging!  XD

What do the special shades do?

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Honestly your game is really funny, I have high hopes for this, you put way more effort into this than I expected for a yuri game. Could've easily teamed up with a artist and made some yuri action then called it a day but you did more! Nice job! It's something I legit would pay money for on steam. It deserves it anyways. 

Also I think for humor sake you should keep the bosses dialogue very barren, it was funny what you wrote for the first one.

Thank you!! Development is continuing, I look forward to bringing everyone a good  quality yuri game.

shovel knight the anime

controls feel great in this game

Fun demo, being able to catch cute girls to fight for you is a wonderful idea, I look forward to seeing more of this game :)

Played it~ Whew the game's pretty solid and smooth. The scenery's good, and the characters are cute. The boss sure was a challenging one. And love how it started.

If only the game had controller compatibility ;w;

Nevertheless, good job on this! UwU

Thanks for playing!

Love it, can't wait for more. Also don't you dare change the dialogue in the opening sequence, it's perfect

Thank you! And you're completely right, the opening sequence is perfect.